Data Centre Services

Data Centre Services – The needs of Data Centre catering to rapid changing business system requirement, database management as well as hardware support are significantly increasing its values in this millennium. Resource sharing with high security is the key towards environmental friendly besides cost saving leveraging the advantages of Data Centre objectives. We offer the alternative usages in its resilient data centres meeting the Client’s IT requests at competitive price range, in accordance with service levels.

Hosting Services – To ease the convenience and full utilization of Client’s IT operations and infrastructure, cloud hosting is made available from our designated Hosting Partner, situated in strategic locations. They are well-equipped with the required Enterprise Hardware and related IT infrastructure precisely fulfilling Client’s requirement, budget and especially the security requirements.

Co-location Services – Flexibility and another option open to the Client to rent Data Centre space that is based either on floor or rack space, to house its dedicated Enterprise Hardware. Own hardware and operating systems can be placed in with the flexibility of managing, monitoring, upkeep and securing its dedicated hardware, operating systems and applications of choice; while enjoying the space, complete and professional facilities with dedicated Data Centre support and services.